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Magnetron Sputtering Film Preparation System KS-MS-450

Equipment Application:

Used in the preparation of nano-level single-layer and multi-layer functional films, hard films, metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films and other new thin film materials. Can be widely used in large.

Research and small batch preparation of thin film materials in colleges and research institutes.

Technical Parameters

Equipment composition:

The system is mainly composed of sputtering vacuum chamber, magnetron sputtering target, substrate water-cooled heating table, working gas circuit, pumping system, vacuum measurement, electronic control system and installation machine.

Taiwan and other parts. It is composed of magnetic sample delivery mechanism, working gas circuit, air extraction system, installation machine, vacuum measurement and electric control system.

Technical Parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: ≤6.6x10-5 Pa (after baking and degassing);

Leak rate of system vacuum leak detection: ≤5.0x10-7 Pa.l/S;

After the system is exposed to the atmosphere for a short time and filled with dry nitrogen, it starts to pump, and it can reach 8.0x10-4 Pa in 40 minutes;

The vacuum degree after stopping the pump for 12 hours: ≤5 Pa.