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Magnetron and Ion Beam Compound System

KS-MIB-560 magnetron and beam compound system is used in the preparation of nano-level single and multi layer functional film, hard film, metallic film, semiconductor film, dielectric film, ferromagnetic film and magnetic film etc. Can be widely used in semiconductor, microelectronic and new material etc. 

Technical Parameters

Vacuum chamber sizeVertical cylindrical, size Ф550×450mm
Vacuum system featureCompound molecular pump, mechanical pump, gate valve
Ultimate pressure≤6.67x10-5 Pa (after baking and degassing)
Time required to reacquire vacuum6.6x10-4 Pa in 40 mins (pumping after short exposure to air and filled with helium)
Water cooling substrate heating revolution tableSubstrate size6 stations design, one station for heating furnace installation, rest of the station are water cooling substrate table
Sample sizeLoad 6 piece of Ф30mm substrate
Mode of motionRotating 0-360°continuously
HeatingMax heating temperature 600°C±1°C
Substrate negative bias-200V
Magnetron target unitPermanent magnetron target × 4; target size Φ60mm (one of those can be used for sputtering ferromagnetic material); all targets are RF sputtering and DC sputtering compatible; distance between target and sample: 40-80mm, adjustable
4 stations revolving target unitTarget size: 70×70mm
Primary sputtering ion gunExtraction grid diameter: Φ30mm; ion beam power: 0.4~2.0Kev adjustable continuously; ion current intensity: 1~5mA/cm2
Auxiliary deposition ion gunExtraction grid diameter: Φ30mm; ion beam power: 0.4~1.5Kev adjustable continuously; ion current intensity: 1~3mA/cm2
Gas circuit3-circuit mass flow controller
Computer control systemTo control target baffle, 4 station rotating target position change, sample revolution, sample baffle, sample temperature control
Space occupiedMain unit1300×850mm2
Electric cabinet700×700mm2(Two)