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Three-target Co-sputtering Film Preparation System KS-MS-3TC-D

Equipment Application:

Used in the preparation of nano-level single-layer and multi-layer functional films, hard films, metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films and other new thin film materials. It can be widely used in the scientific research and small batch preparation of thin film materials in universities and research institutes.

Technical Parameters

Equipment composition:

The system is mainly composed of sputtering vacuum chamber, permanent magnet magnetron sputtering target (3 targets), single substrate heating table, DC power supply, radio frequency power supply, working gas circuit, pumping system, vacuum measurement, electric control system and installation machine Taiwan and other parts.

Technical Parameters:

1. The ultimate vacuum degree is 6.7×10-5Pa; the vacuum degree reaches 4×10-4Pa after 1 hour at full speed of the molecular pump;

2. Ultra-high vacuum magnetron target: effective size 3 inches, quantity: 3, permanent magnet target (with side opening baffle), water cooling;

3. The target base distance is adjustable from 120-200mm, with optical axis and linear bearing guide, manual and continuous adjustment, with scale indication; three targets co-sputtering, the target can swing angle, the angle is 0~45℃;

4. Sample heating: The sample is heated by iodine tungsten lamp heating method, and the sample can be heated up to 400℃;

5. Effective size of magnetron sputtering sample: Φ60mm, only 1 piece is plated at a time; the sample holder realizes rotation during coating, and the rotation speed is 0-50 rpm; the sample is adjustable with negative bias voltage 0-200V;

6. Gas control: The gas flow is controlled by two mass flow controllers, the flow range is: 0~50 sccm;

7. The system has a manual control function, which mainly realizes the heating control of the sample; the rotation control of the sample; the control of the magnetron target baffle plate; the collection of the vacuum degree.