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Three-target Co-sputtering Film Preparation System KS-MS-3TC

Equipment Use

Metal and alloy films, semiconductor films, magnetic material films, oxides and nitrides and other dielectric films, new functional films, multilayer films, multiple preparation of diffuse composite membrane.

Technical Parameters

Main configuration and features

Mainly consists of stainless steel vacuum chamber, vacuum and measurement system, air supply and flow control system, multi-sample turntable (heating, water cooling, multilayer film), film thickness meter, Magnetron target (RF&DC), radio frequency, DC power supply, electrical control system and water cooling system. Use magnetron sputtering to deposit thin films, which can be used for Preparation of semiconductor thin films, metal thin films, magnetic material thin films, and dielectric thin films such as oxide and nitride thin films. Working methods include single target independent splash.

Shooting deposition, program-controlled alternate layered sputtering deposition of multilayer films, three-target co-sputtering deposition of dispersed composite films, etc. The uniformity of the film prepared by this system is good (±5%).

Technical Parameters:

1) The vacuum system adopts a mechanical pump-turbo molecular pump compound system, and the vacuum degree can reach 6×10-4 Pa in 30 minutes;

2) After 48 hours of continuous baking (120℃), the magnetron sputtering chamber is better than 8×10-6 Pa;

3) Sputtering power: <3000W;

4) Substrate heating temperature: room temperature~800℃;

5) The highest bias voltage of the substrate: -200V;

6) Film thickness unevenness: within ±5%;

7) Target diameter: 76mm;

8) Sample diameter: 76mm.