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KS-PS900 Plasma Sputtering Coating Machine

The utility model KS-PS900 has comfortable hand feeling, strong practicability, easy implement, novel construction, simple structure. The micro leakage valve on the front panel can connect various gases; The sputtering current is regulated, the film speed is fast and the quality is good. Functional control and timing are all scheduled by CPU, with a wide range of applications. It is easy to control the vacuum chamber pressure, ionization current and choose the required ionization gas when working in conjunction with the internal automatic control circuit, so as to achieve the best coating effect.

Technical Parameters

Host sizeL360mm*W300mm*H380mm
Target (upper electrode)Diameter 50mm, thickness 0.1mm
Vacuum sample chamberDiameter 160mm,height 120mm
Sputtering areaФ50mm
Vacuum degree≤4X10-2mbar
Lon ammeterMax 50mA
TimerMax 3600S
Micro vacuum gas valveCan connect with φ3mm soft pipe
Gas availableMultiple gas available
Max voltage-1600DCV
Mechanical pump rate2L/S